RADIUS 1 & 2
THE CITIZENS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
DREAMING ARIZONA (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
FAMILY PORTRAITS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
LOST CODES (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
DE PERSPECTIVA (installation view, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi


by Ibrahim Quraishi

How do we dispossess a cultural space that has developed a confined resonance? How do we dispossess a site or subject- that was at once tangible and yet today is totally intangible, while at the same time has notions of preservation and protection inside its own traumatic memory? Without memory our history is purportedly silenced and made mute while our constructed identities seem to be displaced within a collective introspection.

Coming from a region with a considerable amount of historical, artistic, social fluctuation over the past 1000 years and immediate familial / ancestral roots connected to Yemen, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. My approach to the world is that of a traveler. Traveling is about moving and not settling down. Traveling in the unknown, rather than settling in one specific place on the planet. This approach of life, might explain my approach towards the different art forms and mediums I am obsessed with. The medium is never up front at the start of a new project. The content will always determine the project and then the requested medium will be found and thus explored. This is why borders between the body, observed reality and the unconsciousness are often blurred in my work. Divergent notions of awareness are intertwined within idealized sculptural and visual landscapes that attempt to maintain a complicated perspective on the normative illusions of our visual and auditory configurations and fuse them within an experience of alienation in which an ideal body no longer knows whether it is in a real physical space or inside the fleeting image of itself. Deeply influenced by cultural fluctuations surrounding my extended family combined with the current realities of working and living both in the larger Middle East region and the West, my creative process is naturally reflective in the different means that I am engaging in during the last ten years. I have been using various mediums in making video films, photo paintings, sculptures and performative installations.