DREAMING ARIZONA (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
FAMILY PORTRAITS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
LOST CODES (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
ISLAMIC VIOLINS (installation view) by Ibrahim Quraishi
THE CITIZENS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi


June 25, 2016 FREE TO CENSOR – project by Dorian de Rijk
Eye Film Institute Amsterdam, Cinema 2

Dorian de Rijk, visual artist, filmmaker & Masters in Film at Netherlands Film Akademie explores the notions of FREE TO CENSOR – a forum pairing young & seasoned filmmakers/artists to discuss contemporary issues of censorship and freedom of speech. This hot topic will be examined during an evening of panel discussions followed by presentations of international experts and researchers amongst others Devin Kenny (US) and will be moderated by Chris Keulemans. Confirmed guests: Kadir van Lohuizen, Kuba Mirkuda, Esra Piké, Ibrahim Quraishi and Karin Spaink.

Quraishi is working on a film project called VREEMD LAND, HOLY MAMA which is inspired by his recent encounter with Kurdish Woman’s Resistance Fighters in Rojava (Syria) in their fight against ISIS. In this movie Quraishi will explore the position of women in Islam, including interviews with his mother, sisters, females imams and politicians. The project is supported by the AFK (NL) and will be produced by Medea Film Factory Berlin/ARTE, the presentation is foreseen for 2017.

In 2016-2017 Quraishi will also work on the project Martyrs & Idols, a series of paintings and photos on male and female idols who gave their live as the advocate of a certain public cause.

In a series of combinations of videos and paintings called AN DER GRENZE ZUM FIASKO Quraishi will explore displaced cultural identities in the context of loss and longing.