RADIUS 1 & 2
FAMILY PORTRAITS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
DREAMING ARIZONA (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
DE PERSPECTIVA (installation view, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
THE CITIZENS (photograph, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi
LOST CODES (video still, extract) by Ibrahim Quraishi


September 8–10, 2017
Parliament of Bodies | The Strategy of Joy
documenta 14’s closing event
Rotunda of the Fridericianum in Kassel

Ibrahim Quraishi will present Iconographies in Resistance as part of documenta 14’s closing event Parliament of Bodies. The presentation will take place at the Rotunda of the Fridericianum in Kassel. Under the motto of “The Strategy of Joy” the event will gather artists, activists, writers, and critics to elaborate on the collective construction of political affects, moving from the current politics of fear to a strategy of joy.

August 20–September 9, 2017
Parkin Gallery Tehran, Iran

Radius 1 & 2 two channel, home-made drone films shot above through various countries in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, giving a bird’s eye view, that is deliberately transformed from reality into a series of fictional, surreal orders from their own literal and over-wrought heaviness. Above the ground, sailing through the factual, fictional necessity of our current military conflicts and rebellions that are raging from places as far as Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Iraq. These images only discern a sense of tranquility through the prism of a serene silence and an aerial parody, like a clichéd Hollywood thriller only to reveal once again the incrustation of more terror, intrigue and warfare as a never-ending story. videos preview

February 7–20, 2017
MUNAL: Museo Nacional de Arte Mexico City
The National Museum of Art, Mexico City

ANIMAL V is Ibrahim Quraishi’s latest video work.
Resistance is the only logical answer! From the mountainous plains, through the vast land mass of North Eastern Kurdish Syria. It is the reality of War that we are in constant confrontation with. In an endless onslaught of violence and its unending effects.

ENJAMBRE/SWARM programming is developed by the independent curator Gabriel Mestre on the research of resistance strategies of artists and thinker working under different conditions of emergency and having declared their own positions while facing danger and imminent alienation

Supported by Mondriaan Fonds NL and Amsterdam Research by the AFK Amsterdam

Quraishi is working on a film project called VREEMD LAND, HOLY MAMA which is inspired by his recent encounter with Kurdish Woman’s Resistance Fighters in Rojava (Syria) in their fight against ISIS. In this movie Quraishi will explore the position of women in Islam, including interviews with his mother, sisters, females imams and politicians. The project is supported by the AFK (NL) and will be produced by Medea Film Factory Berlin/ARTE, the presentation is foreseen for 2017.

In 2017 Quraishi will also work on the project MARTYRS & IDOLS, a series of paintings and photos on male and female idols who gave their live as the advocate of a certain public cause.

In a series of combinations of videos and paintings called AN DER GRENZE ZUM FIASKO Quraishi will explore displaced cultural identities in the context of loss and longing.

Quraishi’s work is generously supported by Mondriaan Fonds NL
and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst